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The Missing Link in Your Client’s Health Care Plan: Extended Care Insurance Plans

This Integrity STC initiative has never been done before!

“Together we are better” We can create another “Integrity Effect,” but we each must do our part for this initiative to truly success.


Help Integrity Partners and Integrity as a whole gain awareness of how important Extended Care is for their business, themselves and their clients.


Help teach how to position the carrier and solution that best fits each client’s goals, objectives and budget.

Plus, we’ll demonstrate how to do this with our streamlined and simple “5-Step Process to Selling Medicare Clients.”


Help agents learn how to LEAD — not FORCE — a client to a logical conclusion during the interview and eliminate “I want to think about it.”

Medicare does not pay for non-skilled assistance with Activities of Daily Living, which make up the majority of extended care services.

Have you considered Short-Term Care insurance (STCi) as a solution to cover what Medicare doesn’t? STCi policies may include coverage for prescription drugs, hospitalizations coded as “Observation Status,” and continued expenses if the requirements are not met for Medicare coverage of skilled nursing facility care following a hospitalization. Plus, STCi is incredibly flexible. Plans can be built to fit each client’s goals, objectives and budget. If you don’t offer solutions, who will?

Comprehensive Short-Term Care Plans

Where It Fits: Clients with a few health conditions – moderately healthy.

ManhattanLife OmniFlex

This highly-anticipated Short-Term Care product is finally here, and we believe it will change the entire Longevity Health Planning industry!

GTL's Recover Cash

Recover Cash offers an attractive and affordable solution that targets paying for care needed as a result of surgery, accident or sudden illness.

Wellabe Essential Care

Wellabe’s Short-term Care policy has a home health care base benefit with flexible options to meet your clients’ needs. 

Home Health Care Only Plans

Where It Fits: Clients with health conditions preventing them from qualifying for more comprehensive STCi.

ManhattanLife Home Health Care Select

The ManhattanLife Home Health Care Select is the perfect product complement for any agent selling health products to the 50+ market.

GTL's Home Health Care insurance

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance’s  Short-Term Home Health Care insurance pays benefits directly to clients, regardless of whether they have any other insurance.

True Freedom Home Health Care Plans

True Freedom Plans are offered by American Senior Services, Inc. and offers the most viable and dependable alternative to traditional home health care insurance.

Sales and Marketing Materials

STC Underwriting Tool

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Build Stronger Relationships With Clients

Extended Care plans provide such valuable benefits to clients, and can further build your rapport and strengthen relationships with clients. Especially for clients age 65 and older, having other insurance solutions in their portfolio mean they’ll return to you year after year for their Medicare needs.

Fill the Gaps in Your Client’s Health Care with Extended Care Options.

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